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You have heard of Zumba, I mean hasn’t everyone by now?  Zumba is the energetic predominantly Latin dance focused workout that has the whole world going crazy shaking their hips!

I love Zumba because the music fires you up, you can let go of the days stresses and just dance your booty off for a solid hour without once checking the clock.  It burns literally hundreds of calories & for me sure beats a gruelling hour of cardio on the treadmill!

However, there are many parents out there who still don’t know about ZumbAtomic!

ZumbAtomic is a brand within its own right but others like to call it Zumba for kids, which essentially it is.

ZumbAtomic sessions run slightly differently to adult sessions, in the way that the routines are broken down step by step until a whole routine is built up.  Like Zumba the routines are repetitive meaning kids will pick them up.  The moves are based on the Latin dance steps of Salsa, Samba, Merengue, Axe, Cumbia, as well as dance from the rest of the world, however they are taught in a simpler form so that the kids learn the rhythm of the steps first, before eventually developing to the full version of the step.

So why is ZumbAtomic so great?   

Well because in the same way that adults don’t feel like they are exercising when taking part in Zumba classes (they are not clock watching or dreading the thought of going to class), kids don’t realise that they are taking part in an exercise class!   And I am pretty sure you will agree the need for our children to be taking part in more physical activity is imperative for their health & future.  You only need to look at the news over the last few days, showing statistics of the current generation of children unlikely to live to the same age as their parents due to their unhealthy life styles…really quite alarming when you think that all it would take is a more active approach to life & healthy eating & we wouldn’t have the obesity epidemic amongst so many young kids.  Adding to this was the NO SUPRISES THERE news about the rising cases of curvature of the spine aka  ‘The Gameboy Back’ in children.  I have said for many years these hand held computers are going to cause havoc in years to come.  Kids should be running around, dancing, skipping, riding bikes…not heads down, back arched, shoulders hunched, acting out their physical activity in virtual computer games!

The other reason I think ZumbAtomic is so great is that you can literally see the children’s confidence & self belief grow & grow with each term they attend.  Some children literally can’t even say their name out loud to the class at first and yet by the end of the first couple of terms, they are performing in a group the routines they have leant over the weeks to a room full of people!

ZumbAtomic is fun, inclusive, energetic, pressure free, confidence building, and dance education like no other!

ZumbAtomic also makes for a great birthday party or corporate event to get all of the kids involved & burning some energy.

If you would like your child to take part in ZumbAtomic classes then please email on

I have classes available for all & have a unique session designed for young people with Additional Needs.


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