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Have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions?

So we are now nearing the end of January and well into 2014, have you kept up your New Year’s resolutions?  or have you let them slip?

Were they unrealistic goals?  Were the changes too big for you to maintain?

I believe it is the small changes that make the most difference & are  easier to make habit, rather than trying to overhaul your whole life!

My small changes:

  • Drink more water 2-3 litres per day
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Wash off make up every night
  • Lift slightly heavier weights
  • Eat less sugar

So how am I getting on so far?

I am definately drinking more water, only downfall is continous trips to the loo!

I am eating a lot more vegetables & enjoying them, but my skin is enjoying them the most 😉

I am religously washing makeup off at night & now it feels wrong if I don’t.  It is a bit like I wouldn’t go to bed without cleaning my teeth, I now won’t get to bed without washing my  makeup off.

I have upped my weights my 1-2kg and will try to increase as the weeks go on, I can feel the difference already.

I have cut down on my sugar during the week, weekends not so much but am working on this, ideally I would cut out altogether but that would be an unrealsitic goal & is never going to happen!

So if you have let your resolutions slip, re-asses your goals & make them realistic, small, manageable goals.

Post comments below & let us all know how these small changes are going!

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