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Not sure how to exercise at home?

Home Exercise – February Fitness Challenge


Haven’t joined a gym and convinced the answer is to save money by exercising at home?

Full of good intentions you set out on day one of yourself serviced fitness regime:

Leggings – Check

Vest top – Check

Leg Warmers & Head Band (just because you feel like being 80’s bizzy lizzy retro) – Check

Water Bottle – Check

I-Pod / Docking Station – Check


Feeling a bit all dressed up with nowhere to go it dawns on you that you have absolutely no idea where to start?

I could grab my trainers & I-pod and go for a run?  Run? No way!!! why would I go for a run, I hate running, I have always hated running or at least ever since the boys at school told me that I run flat footed with my feet kicking out to the sides, Running makes me feel like my throat is bleeding, it makes my nose run and I always freak out thinking someone is going to jump out of the bushes at me! (I don’t know why I think this when I’m running, they could still jump out at me whilst I’m walking but I only freak out when running, therefore running is not good for my health…jumpy heart and all that).  Besides even if I did go for a run…then what?  because let’s face it with my fitness levels the run would last all of 10minutes max and that is only a third of my 30 minutes minute a day that I need to complete…I know, I’ll get back from my jumpy throat bleeding run and stretch (after all they used to say at the gym how important stretching was) but stretching isn’t going to give me Madonna arms, Jo-Lo’s butt or Shakiras abs is it!

Let’s face it you are clueless as to where to start, you decide to make a cuppa, sit on the sofa and work out your master fitness plan…before you know it the biscuits are out, catch TV is on, the latest issue of company magazine is open on fashion pages…oh well you will plan better and try again tomorrow!  Maybe joining the gym is the way forward? But that really REALLY doesn’t suit your budget.  Especially flicking through company magazine looking at all the fabulous fashion you could be spending your money on, but how fabulous would that outfit look if you could just tone up those bingo wings & mini muffin top!!!


This is the very reason I started the February Fitness Challenge on Twitter #FebFitnessChallenge

My housemate comes to my Zumba & Pilates classes on Monday & Tuesday evenings but wanted to do more exercise on the other days of the week without the financial commitment of joining the gym.  She has been to hundreds of Legs, Bums & Tums, Aerobics, Conditioning & Body Sculpt classes and likes the idea of using some of the exercises at home.  However she gets past the standard squats & sit ups and simply runs out of ideas…


Through February I have been tweeting a new exercise a day for people to follow along at home, to give them fresh ideas for safe home exercise….even the simplest of things like using the stairs for aerobic activity or using the bottom stair as a step for triceps dips.  My recent tweets are shown at the bottom of the website on the homepage or you can follow @Leannedancer we still have another 10 days of February to go, so why not follow me on twitter and join in?



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  • Mrs Delaforce
    Posted 20/02/2012 12:56 pm 0Likes

    Very True! I can so relate to this. It was only upon enrolling in a gym that I committed myself to exercise. I have now brought exercise into my daily routine and just in the same way as I clean my teeth and shower each day I organise my diary to ensure that fitness is included. The bonus is that I now have more energy and my head feels so much clearer too.

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