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Football & Pilates!

Football & Pilates


Last night I was approached by a ladies football team manager, who said


‘What is Pilates? and will it help my footballers?’ 


The simple answer is YES!


Pilates is great not just for the professional player but youth players, semi professionals, and weekend players, whatever their age, sex and ability, they would all benefit from regular Pilates training:


  • Improve flexibility


  • Improve mobility


  • Improve co-ordination


  • Build overall fitness


  • Improve endurance


  • Build body awareness and focus


  • Reduce the risk of injury


  • Help to rehabilitate after injury


Football puts huge amounts of stress on the body, with quick directional changes in unbalanced body positions, it’s no suprise we see and hear of so many footballing injuries.



Football managers and coaches are now truely understanding the benefit of football players have the core strength, flexability and suppleness to avoid injury and produce premier results for the team.   Therefore, they are now openly reaching out to new approaches or add ons to their existing training programmes and Pilates fits this bill perfectly.