Leanne was one of those students who like a sponge, absorbs everything!. Her committment and hard work saw her through the CYQ level 3 Pilates Matwork Qualification. Her practical application throughout reflected the underpinning knowledge she had gained along the way. An excellent student I wish you every success you deserve it!

Belinda Buttery
Pilates Training Solutions Ltd
I am a young girl with MS and Leanne made me feel relaxed, handled me with respect and went at my own physical pace. I recommend Pilates for anyone with MS. Leanne has made me actually move my feet again! Thank you

Sarah W
Aero-Dance & Pilates: I have attended Leanne's pilates and aero-dance classes and as a dancer in my teens and twenty's, I wanted to get back my previous fitness levels but wanted something a little bit different. The classes are relaxed, friendly and lots of fun. The Pilates classes have strengthened my back and improved my posture and the aero-dance classes are great fun, learning new dance routines and getting a great work out at the same time.

Zoe H
I have always been quite sporty but over recent years began to struggle with lower back pain and sciatica, my doctor said that I might find it beneficial to start doing Pilates in order to strengthen my core. To be honest I had no idea what Pilates was and imagined it to be a something that only girls took part in...to my surprise there were more men in my class than women.
I have found Leanne's classes to be well structured and actually really quite relaxing. Learning easy methods to correct my posture and engage my core muscles correctly has not only helped towards relieving my back problems but I am already starting to feel more toned.

Peter R
Leanne's Zumba classes are AMAZING!  I have tried lots of instructors in the local area and she is a different class.

It is obvious from the way she moves that she has a dance background but it is also clear from the way she teaches that she is also a qualifed fitness instructor.

It doesn't matter if you have never tried Zumba before or if you are a pro Leanne helps you reach your own maximum level, the best thing about it is you NEVER watch the clock...sooo much fun!

My daughter has been going to Leanne's Zumbatomic classes for a while now and she thoroughly enjoys them and looks forward to going every week. When she first started she was very shy and not a very confident girl. She has really come out of her shell it has given her a new found cofidence, I have watched the classes and it is really great to see all the kids faces, Leanne really gets them moving and makes it fun, they all really enjoy themselves aswell as givening them some exercise.

Debbie W.

Debbie W
When I first decided to try Pilates I had no expectations.

After breaking my back in Jan 2009 I have struggled with bad posture, chronic pain and a lack of confidence in myself due to a curvature of my spine.  I found to my surprise that towards the end of my first 6 week course I was finding it easier to stand up straighter and it was noticeable to friends and family that I was carrying myself with more confidence and comfort. Personally I felt that with the Pilates breathing and posture technique I was not only feeling straighter but I was standing almost erect without extra thought.


I have found Leanne to be an excellent teacher.  She is patient and pleasant at all times. She is either hands on or hands off according to your preference and as for myself I am always grateful when she comes across to correct my positioning.


Leanne always explains in precise terms the exercise we are about to tackle and gives us three or four variations on each exercise. These variations are for various levels of ability.  This way no one is holding anyone else in the class up.


I am now into my third course of Pilates. I have found a remarkable improvement in my posture and ability. My approach to pain has improved. I have more confidence and I am willing to try anything, although obviously I have varying levels of success. I find it so reassuring that Leanne is always on hand and she always spots when I or anyone in the class are doing something thing wrong.  She makes sure we know what we are doing wrong and how to correct our posture.


I know that had I not taken up Pilates with Leanne I would not be improving as much as I am. I feel safer, stronger and straighter than I have since my accident, even allowing for the physio and gym exercises I have been doing. I do know that my back will not loose it’s curvature and become straight but I know that my posture has improved and I am more confident. I am happier tackling every day jobs around the house and I feel much more at ease in company as I now worrying  less about my posture. The pain will always be with me but the breathing technique is a great help. I am sure that this is down to Leanne’s tuition and care.

P Reeves

I was recommended to try Pilates by my Physio after repeated running injury that led to surgery, since joining Leanne’s class i have noticed a huge difference in my flexibility and no longer suffer with injuries when I'm running, an added bonus is that problem areas that i could never tone up before are now flatter.

On an added note i suffer with sciatica and Leanne suggested personalised stretches to help that have had an instant effect, i really would recommend her class to anyone of any age or fitness level

Anna Richmond