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Freestyle Fitness Yoga.  Educating Leanne

I genuinely believe that you should keep learning, improving, re-educating, evaluating & questioning in order to move forward and keep your classes fresh.

This is why I read new research articles, I attend other people’s classes, I use YouTube (a LOT) to get ideas and inspiration and when I have time, I attend training & workshops designed for Fitness Professionals.

Hence the reason I spent the last weekend being educated in Freestyle Fitness Yoga (FFY) with Jayne Nicholls of Group X training.

So I guess some of you are wondering what exactly FFY is?  It is a fitness class that uses the postures and movements of yoga combined with the research and knowledge of fitness that we know in 2014 to get one of the most exciting classes around. 

What did I learn?

Well firstly, that in order to get it right you have to get it wrong!  When you get it wrong, you can correct it.  You know how it feels when it’s wrong and you now know how it feels to get it right, that in itself is an invaluable tool when instructing a class.  When you have been there it is so much easier to help your class or individual participant on their journey to their right place.

It may sound like I am talking in riddles but my advice is come to a class and experience it for yourself.

I have also re-affirmed what I already knew, I like the pain inflicted by pushing your body to its limit of that day.  Yes I love DOMS!   I know plenty of people who don’t and plenty of you will know how I also enjoy hearing that I have inflicted that pain on you in my classes too 😉  And those people will be pleased to know that I am feeling that pain today, in other words ‘I feel your pain’

I obviously learnt so much more, which I’m sure you would rather experience in person rather than read on here.

Why should you attend FFY classes?  The question should actually be why not?

Are you pregnant?  Do you have a bad back?  Unless you answered yes to one of the aforementioned questions then what have you go to lose? Absolutely nothing!  FFY is designed to make you stronger and improve your flexibility.  Do I need to convince you are anymore? No, I thought not. 

Watch this space…

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