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Finding Neutral in Prone Position

Having problems finding neutral in Prone Position?

A number of people have problems finding neutral in Prone Position (lying on your front).   Spend time finding and holding the prone neutral before progressing onto exercises such as Swan Dive and Swimming, using the following simple steps:


Lay face down on your tummy

  1. Forehead on the floor
  2. lengthen through the spine
  3. Slide shoulders down towards your tummy
  4. Lock shoulder blades into a soft V in your back
  5. Tilt your tail bone down towards your feet (very important)
  6. Lift your tummy off the floor…imagine there is a pin under your belly button that you don’t want to drop onto
  7. For upper body work turn your heels out to the side to switch the glutes off
  8. Finally engage your core to 30% and begin with your lateral breathing in through the nose, wide and full into the rips and out through your mouth.

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