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Keep on moving…

  Freestyle Fitness Yoga.  Educating Leanne I genuinely believe that you should keep learning, improving, re-educating, evaluating & questioning in order to move forward and keep your classes fresh. This is why I read new research articles, I attend other people’s classes, I use YouTube (a LOT) to get ideas and inspiration and when I have time, I attend training…

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Have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions?

So we are now nearing the end of January and well into 2014, have you kept up your New Year’s resolutions?  or have you let them slip? Were they unrealistic goals?  Were the changes too big for you to maintain? I believe it is the small changes that make the most difference & are  easier to make habit, rather than…

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New PILATES class

NEW Pilates Class launching in Woodley, Reading. The class will run on Thursday evenings 6pm – 6.55pm at Southlake Primary School, Woodley. The class is open to all levels including special medical conditions (nuerological, skeletal, muscular) as well as pre / post natal. Please message me for questions or bookings on

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Exercise will help depression!

Many GP’s are now choosing to prescribe exercise programmes for people with mild depression, over dishing out anti-depressants!


Exercise can improve mood, reduce anxiety and improve concentration. Exercise has an effect on certain chemicals in the brain that affect our mood and make us feel happier.


Mild symptoms of depression really can be helped by working to a programme that the individual feels comfortable with by setting up SMART goals that are achievable, realistic & measureable.

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Students swap pints for pilates

An Article from BBC News online

Students are ditching the stereotypes of being beer-drinking, kebab-eating health disaster zones – and are switching to more puritanical, clean-living lifestyles, according to a survey.

About one in four students is now teetotal, says National Union of Student Services – and among the rest of the student population there is a growing appetite for exercise facilities and healthy eating.

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